Terms and Conditions

Once you have placed your order with me, I will review and put it through for processing.  If I notice any missing information or there may be a delay in making your order I will contact you straight away to discuss. Otherwise the order will be prepared by hand to be delivered as soon as possible, please note details below that this may take up to 16 days to receive from date of order. Bespoke orders are welcome but will take longer to process due to the nature of personalised requests. You will receive an order confirmation email from me, which can sometimes end up in the spam or junk folder (Rude, I know ha)
Product Images: 
When we take photos of our products, we use toppings that are available at the time, and accessories as well.  From time to time, we do find that when buying again they may look slightly different, maybe faded colours, slightly different on size, location of where we drop the toppings.  We want to make it clear that our photos are for illustration purposes only and we will endeavour to send you as close to what is photographed, and within reason.  This can happen with things like shaker kits where they may change the shape of nose on a santa, or our advent holders, or jelly bean colours.  We also try our best to get the same each year when selling products, but this is not always possible.
All of my items are priced up against each photo of product.  Your payment via Paypal is processed via a fully authorised Payment Service which ensures that all your information remains totally confidential and I can never see any of the card details given.
Payment is taken as you place your order and if payment does not authorise successfully, your order will not be successfully processed.  Please check that you have received a confirmation of your order and confirmation of payment through Paypal by email.  You may find your confirmation within the junk or spam folder of your email account.
Coronavirus Information:
Sarah’s Creative Kitchen will be following all guidelines with regards to the current coronavirus pandemic. Because of this we cannot guarantee our usual turnaround or provide absolute dates for enquiries received. Rest assured if you place an order it will be made and delivered to you as soon as possible. Thank you for standing by us through all of this, as a small business who rely on the day to day sales, we truly appreciate it.
Stay home and stay safe.
We cannot offer next day service at this time, so please consider this when placing your order.
I currently only use 48hr tracked to UK, SCOTLAND, IRELAND and WALES with prices fixed at £5.99 for all orders under £100.  The shipping price includes postage and packaging costs.
The postage is fixed up to £100, then its free after for UK deliveries.  Your order is handmade, which means that I do not have stocks of chocolates ready to go, I may have a batch that I have made up a few days before, but most of my orders are made when the orders come through, so please allow up to 16 days for delivery from date of sending order. If these are for a special occasion, please email me and I will work with you to meet the deadline date if possible.
Whilst I say do allow up to 15 days, this time frame does not include bank holidays within the process.  I can quite often post sooner if we have your items made already.
Lost parcels:
Nowadays it is extremely rare for parcels to go missing, so this is not something we have come up very often, especially with the high tech tracking services now available to us.
We can assist you with evidence of tracking reference number, plus a copy of invoice should you have the need to raise a lost parcel claim with Royal Mail.  There is a simple online form which can be accessed by clicking on the link below.  Royal Mail will not class a parcel as missing until 10 days after it was first sent out.
Please note that you can wait up to 30 days to hear back from Royal Mail.  We do suggest that you check with your local sorting office first to ensure they have not put a card through your door. Check in outhouse buildings, sheds, etc, and also with neighbours.
If we have a parcel returned to us, due to non collection, we will happily re-post this back to you but you will be required to pay the shipping cost again, as we have already paid this out once already in the first instance.
Weather – Postage damage: 
As with any company making and sending out chocolate, this is one area which we can sometimes come across some issues.  We check all our packages when they leave our premises, they are stored in refrigeration units up until the time of being collected by our postal service.  We secure each package inside with bubble wrap and the larger small parcel boxes have packaging chips added to help with transport and heat damage.
By paying for your order, you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions, that any damage caused during transit cannot be claimed back from us, this is chocolate made to order and cannot be used or sold on again, so you do purchase at your own risk.
We add a fragile and heat warning sticker to the front of all parcels as a precaution so they are not left in direct heat.
If you are ordering chocolate during the hotter months, we will monitor the weather and will make a decision day to day whether to post out, this is to ensure that they do not sit around in vans or sorting offices getting heat damage to them.  Our chocolates can withstand temperatures up to 25 degrees (tests carried out) inside the boxes, but do suggest as soon as your order arrives it is placed straight into the fridge unopened at this point.
It is at your own risk that by ordering our chocolates during the hotter months, you are taking a risk of heat damage.  If we feel this is something that is happening too often during summer months, we will look at different carriers to send our chocolates out with or have an annual shut down for a few weeks while the weather cools down.
We now use ice packs inside our boxes on the hottest days when posting out, this will again be monitored and a decision made at the factory to when we start to use them each year.  If you place an order and items arrive damaged, we cannot accept responsibility and no refunds or exchanges will be made, orders are placed at own risk.
Due to the nature of the goods supplied we do not accept returns once the items have been opened.
If you have any concerns please contact us via email at sarahscreativekitchen@hotmail.com to discuss any issue. If a product is sent in error to you we will require this to be sent back, and we will reimburse the postage costs, and then send the correct item out to you or refund once the wrong product is safely in our hands.
If you parcel is returned to us, due to non collection, we are happy to post out again, but this will incur a second postage charge, as we have already paid Royal Mail for your first delivery, we are not able to send out again for free as we then lose out on a second charge of postage.
This is really important, as soon as your chocolates arrive please place in the fridge to keep them cool, especially in the summer months, most homes will go above 25c at times. The ideal temperature for chocolate is between 12-18c, and within 40-60% humidity.
Allergy Advice:
Please be aware that all chocolates are freshly made in an environment where celery, cereals containing gluten, crustaceans, eggs, fish, lupin, milk, molluscs, mustard, nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, soya and sulphites are used.
Nutritional Values and Points:
In the past I have followed both Slimming World and Weight Watchers Smart Point plan myself, and lost 68lbs  with Weight Watchers and 6.5 lbs with Slimming World.
I use the WW app tracker to work out the points in each batch and then in each disc/bar I produce.  I provide the nutritional information for you to use on the weight watcher/slimming world app/calculator.
If you follow Slimming World, we are not permitted to print the syn values, but we can advise of the general SW rule of dividing the calories by 20 to find out the syn value, or by using your online calculator with the nutritional values we provide on each pack. I would like to mention at this point that I am not affiliated with Slimming World, Slimming World UK , Weight Watchers or Weight Watchers UK in any way.  If you have any concerns with the information I provide, please speak to me and not them.
Chocolate I Use:
I use a mix of two different chocolates for my dark chocolate discs/bars, both are suitable for vegans, its the toppings that are not always vegan friendly.  I do still mention in my allergy section on the labels that they may contain dairy/milk, this is from the information I am provided by my chocolate supplier. We use a lovely Belguim white and milk chocolate as well.
Chocolate products – Photos on our shop:
Please be aware that we do change mould shapes, designs and also toppings from time to time.  The product will still be the same but some toppings may look slightly different to those in our product photo.
Events and ticketed products:
We will from time to time run ticketed events, such as parties/ball charity fundraiser/masterclasses.
In regards to our events, if you purchase tickets and you are then not able to attend, we will try to sell the ticket/s on for you once we reach our minimum amount of ticket sales required, but there is no guarantee, so you are welcome to transfer your place/tickets to another person/s to attend.
Privacy Policy:
In line with the General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR) you can read our Privacy Policy to find out how we collect, store, share and use your personal data.