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24 STANDARD SIZED DISCS – weighing between 11g – 16g.  PLUS a Tree star for the 25th – these will be made in either DF or Vegan sweet topping. Please comment on your order which option you would prefer please.

All products used are suitable for vegan or dairy free in the discs – the stars have two options – see above for options.

The chocolate discs range from as low as 42 cals up to 65 cals.

Each calendar will come with a full breakdown of nutritional information.  We have worked to try to get the chocolates to similar calculation to support anyone wishing to track your goodies throughout the month of Dec, I myself understand the importance of this.


  1. GF mini cookies
  2. Fudge with mallows
  3. Mint poppets
  4. Stars
  5. Peach gummy
  6. Strawberry gummy
  7. Blueberry Kitty
  8. Cherry cola bottle
  9. Almond and Cherry
  10. Mint explosion
  11. Vegan chocolate coated beans
  12. Chocolate coated honeycomb
  13. GF Pretzel
  14. Chopped walnuts
  15. Biscoff and Raisin
  16. Fruit and Nut
  17. Sprinkles
  18. Pecan
  19. GF Granola
  20. Fruit Chewy
  21. Honeycomb
  22. Nerds
  23. Seedy Mix
  24. Lemon and Ginger
  25. A Christmas Day Star – made either DF or VEGAN – Please mention in the comments if DF or V required.

Each calendar also come with a breakdown of the compound ingredients, as we understand the importance of letting you know what is inside your box, especially if you are presenting to loved ones or friends as gifts.  This will all be included in a handout with the flavours of each chocolate.

Please note this is just for the chocolate individually bagged – to purchase the material advent – please purchase separately off our shop or you can buy on ebay or amazon, or lots of different shops.


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