XX HIDDEN – Unicorn Treat Day Bar – RETRO BAR


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Back by popular demand – THE ORIGINAL Unicorn bar – strawberry and bubblegum chocolate flavours.

Description: PLEASE NOTE: Orders can take up to 10 days to make and dispatch once order is received.  PLEASE NOTE WE CHANGE THE TOPPINGS EVERY MONTH

1 large bar – approx 52g in weight – Please ensure you weigh your bar and work out points and syns on the weight of your own bar as they can vary when they are homemade.

Coloured and flavoured white chocolate,  bar with lots of sweeties/chocolates to give you that happy feeling! A must have for the weigh day specials or a super treat for kids parties.


Ingredients:Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Natural Vanilla Flavouring, Whole Milk Powder, Coconut Oil, Icing Sugar (Sugar, Potato Starch),Unhydrogenated Vegetable Fat, Water, Emulsifier (Rapeseed Lecithin, Soya Lethicin, Glyceryl Monostearate), Glazing Agent (Shellac, Acacia Gum, Sugar, Carnauba Wax), Colours (E129, E104, E132, E110, E122, E124, E151, E100, E120, E133, E171, E162, E160A, E160E, E163), Maize, Rice, Glucose Syrup, Colours (Beetroot Red, Copper Chlorophyllin, Lutein, Paprika Extract), Corn Starch, Invert Sugar Syrup, Wheat Starch, Wheat Flour, Acids (Malic Acid), Humectant (Glycero)L, Acids (Citric Acid, Malic Acid),  Acidity Regulator (Potassium Citrate, Trisodioum Citrate),Salt, Vegetable Concentrates (Blackcurrant, Carrot), Palm Fat, Dextrin, Maltodextrin, Modified Starch, Dextrose, corn syrup, artificial flavours colours (carmine colour, blue 1, blue 1 lake, blue 2, blue 2 lake, red 40, red 40 lake, yellow 5, yellow 6, yellow 6 lake), bubblegum flavour, Natural strawberry flavouring.

Allergy Advice, Contains in boldMilk, Eggs, Tree nuts (almonds, walnuts, pecans), Peanuts, Wheat, Soya

Produced in a factory which handles all of these products

Nutritional Info per 52g: (12SP per 52g) Cals: 205, Fat: 19.8g, Sat Fat: 11.2g, Carbs: 19.3g, Fibre: 0.2g, Sugars: 14.2g, Protein: 1.6g – please weigh your bars as they will differ in weights each time.

*Please note due to these chocolates being homemade, some bars/discs may have slightly more topping than others within the packs, and we can change some of the toppings due to seasonable product changes, and due to changes in temperature controls sometimes the chocolate can bloom, where it appears to have a white coating appear, these are still fine to eat.  It’s recommended to take the products out of the cellophane wrappers and store in airtight Tupperware type pots between 12 – 18c.





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