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Relax and drift away with this set of five self-heating Spacemasks, infused with essence of jasmine and filled with iron powder that warms up. Simply open the pouch and unfold your mask, gently placing it over your eyes before fitting the loops around your ears.
These were created out of a collision of intergalactic material coming explosively together with a little human imagination. A flash of inspiration with an end product.  They wanted to find a way to escape the madness of our hectic lifestyles and leave our Worldy problems behind. Space travel seemed a reasonable possibility – new horizons, a clean start, no social media. The cost of astronaut training and 4000 tonnes of rocket fuel made them think out of the box.
So they came up with a mask, each perfectly formed in their own little pouch – capable of whisking you away to a carefree world unpolluted by Earthly distractions.
  • 1 x spacemask
  • Gentle Heating Eye Mask
  • Relieves Eye Stress
  • Relieves Eye Tension
  • Prepares your mind for a good sleep
  • Essence of Jasmine
  • Iron Fillings
We are trialing out the individual packs to start with, and if they are a hit with our customers we will add the boxes into the shop.
Price is £3.50 per individual mask, which this price is inclusive of VAT.

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