XX HIDDEN – PIZZA – Biscuit Lovers Pizza – Milk chocolate


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Description:  1 x 8″ chocolate pizza with milk chocolate base, then lots of yummy biscuits to enjoy, many are the mini versions to keep the cals at their lowest for you.

Full Ingredient breakdown:

  • Sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, emulsifier; soya lecithin, natural vanilla.
  • Organic cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil
  • selection of biscuits

We cannot currently provide full nutritional values for this pizza.  We will look to start weighing all the toppings out, for now though we would estimate this to be approx 520 cals per 100g, each pizza weighs approx 550-600g in weight


*Please note due to these chocolates being homemade, some pizzas/bars/discs may have slightly more topping than others , and due to changes in temperature controls sometimes the chocolate can bloom, where it appears to have a white coating appear, these are still fine to eat.  Its recommended to take the products out of the cellophane wrappers and store in airtight tupperware type pots in the fridge.


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