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Description: These will be posted by 1st week of November 2019

This is for the chocolate only- PLEASE NOTE THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE THE MATERIAL HOLDER – approx 1400g of chocolate goodies.

Contains: 24 different products, ranging from handmade chocolate stick, bars, Christmas shapes, pizza slice, hot chocolate stirrer,  chocolate coated oreo, discs, truffles, basically a different product for each day.

The products will range from 15g chocolate truffles right up to bigger products weighing approx 125g in chocolate goodness.  This is a must for any chocolate lover as every day will bring a new surprise.

You will receive a full index sheet detailing the nutritional information for each product included.  Each product is handmade by us, we may use tempering machines but we hand pipe, hand paint and fill every product we make at the factory and hand package EVERYTHING with lots of love and attention.

  1. Milk and White chocolate stirrer with mini marshmallows and moulded topper.
  2. White chocolate rocky road bar with gingers and chocolate beans
  3. 3 x Penguin disc
  4. 2 x sprinkle sticks
  5. Stuffed Oreo strawberry flower
  6. Chocolate lolly with tree shape and sprinkles.
  7. Rudolph Bar
  8. 3 x Christmas Pudding discs
  9. Solid shape stuffed with Lindt cream filled chocolate
  10. Snowman Bar
  11. 3 x sprinkle discs
  12. Malt Reindeer bar
  13. Neapolitan sprinkle bar
  14. Solid Milk Christmas Tree with sprinkle garland
  15. Mint Choc Chip Christmas Tree
  16. Jelly Rudolph lolly
  17. Double chocolate sprinkle star
  18. Penguin Chocolate bar
  19. Rocky road Cube – Malteaser, marshmallows, biscuit and honeycomb
  20. 3 x Caramel Christmas Pudding Truffles
  21. Penguin and sprinkle bar
  22. House Lolly
  23. Caramel Gingerbread man
  24. Orange softie filled pizza slice with segments and crunch on top


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