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Who wouldn’t want their name in yummy chocolate letters, with a choice of delicious toppings??

We have A to Z available. PLEASE ALLOW UP TO 10 DAYS from ordering to completion of your order, some weeks can be quicker than others. 

When ordering just select from each drop down menu:

  1. The letter you require
  2. The Chocolate Flavour – you can pick from: Milk, White, Dark, Strawberry, Orange only
  3. The topping

If there is something different you would like, please email us at sarahscreativekitchen@hotmail.com first before placing the order as we may not have in stock anymore

Each letter ranges from 120g – 140g depending on the letter and toppings, as obviously an ‘I’ will have less space to fill than an ‘E’. Please see drawing in gallery for height and width of one of the letters. 

List of toppings available:

  1. Red foam love hearts
  2. Sour apples
  3. Pink Shrimps
  4. Fried Eggs
  5. Sugar free gum bears
  6. Jelly rings
  7. Squashies – three flavours availble
  8. Cola Bottles
  9. Jelly Beans
  10. Peanut pieces
  11. Peanut mini cups
  12. Granola – GF
  13. Fruit and Nut
  14. Skittles
  15. Banoffee Crisp
  16. Fudge Delight topping – Marshmallows, nuts and fudge
  17. Mint Poppets
  18. Foam Bananas
  19. Chocolate coated beans – bright colours
  20. Foam mushrooms
  21. Jelly smurfs
  22. M&M – crispies
  23. Foam Ice Creams
  24. Jelly sour water melons
  25. Sour Kitty’s
  26. Vegan Gummy bears
  27. Vegan sour snakes
  28. Vegan Chocolate coated beans
  29. Unicorn – Rainbow sugar topper with pink coated chocolate beans

If you would like a vegan option of sweet toppings (we have over 30 toppings we can offer that may not be listed here), please include this into your email/comment on order.


*Please note due to these chocolates being homemade, some discs/bars may have slightly more topping than others within the packs, and due to changes in temperature controls sometimes the chocolate can heat bloom, where it appears to have a white coating appear, these are still fine to eat.

**The pictures here are for illustration only, we will be making your letters bespoke each time to your requirements.

Best before dates: These come with at least 6 months

Packaging: These will arrive in a food safe resealable bag, we can provide them in a gift box as well, this will be extra and can be paid separate to order.


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