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Please can we draw your attention to the disclaimer at the bottom, regarding posting out and possible breakages.

Who wouldn’t want their birthday number in yummy chocolate, with a choice of delicious toppings??

These are the Giant numbers,  great in place of a number cake.  Please allow up to 10 days from order date to receive your order.

We have 0 to 9 available, we do not offer giant letters at this time.

When ordering just select from each drop down menu:

  1. The number you require
  2. The Chocolate Flavour – you can pick from: Milk and White only at this time
  3. The toppings – select from a drop down menu – choice of sweets and chocolate

Postage is via Royal Mail Tracked we use 48hr hour as standard at this time, during hotter months when the temperatures exceed 28c we will arrange 24hr tracked instead.

If there is something different you would like, please email us at first before placing the order as we may not have in stock anymore.  This link is not to be used for Bespoke Orders. 

Each number ranges from 500g – 1200g depending on the number and toppings, as obviously  ‘1’ will have less space to fill than an ‘8’.

We use colourful sprinkles and chocolate crumb/crunch to fill the gaps on each number when required, some do not require this..

If you would like a vegan option of sweet toppings please can this be ordered via our bespoke email contact.

*The pictures here are for illustration only, we will be making your numbers bespoke each time to your requirements.

Measurements: Individual Number Details:  Note that the length and width measurements are at the longest point.

· Number 1: Size – 30cm x 17.1cm – £26.95 plus PP

· Number 2: Size – 30cm x 25.1cm – £28.95 plus PP

· Number 3: Size – 30cm x 25cm – £28.95 plus PP

· Number 4: Size – 30cm x 27.3cm – £30.95 plus PP

· Number 5: Size – 30cm x 25cm – £29.95 plus PP

· Number 6/9 (same item): Size – 30cm x 25.4cm – £29.95 plus PP

· Number 7: Size – 30cm x 24.2cm · £28.95 plus PP

– Number 8: Size – 30cm x 20.9cm – £30.95 plus PP

· Number 0: Size – 30cm x 25.4cm – £30.95 plus PP

Best before dates: These come with at least 6 months

Packaging: These will arrive in a food safe wrapper and on board.

PLEASE READ THIS DISCLAIMER: Please note these are fragile and whilst every care will be taken by us to bubble wrap each number, sometimes breakages can occur, this is ordered at your own risk and we cannot refund for breakages as the product is still safe to eat, we can help you to suggest ways of repairing if it arrives snapped, but we are not able to refund this order, it really is ordered at your own risk.


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