XX HIDDEN – Christmas Letters A-Z – In Gift Box




  • PLEASE NOTE IF ORDERING BETWEEN 11th OCTOBER – 31st OCTOBER 2020 – YOUR ORDER IS EXEMPT FROM THE 16 DAY TURNAROUND – We start shipping Christmas Goods around 19th November 2020 or sooner at this time.
  • PLEASE NOTE IF ORDERING BETWEEN 9th NOVEMBER 2020 – 30th NOVEMBER – Your order will be subject to a 16 day turnaround, and maybe slightly longer with more complex items. 

Who wouldn’t want their initial or name in yummy chocolate letters, with a choice of delicious toppings?? Perfect Christmas Eve box or stocking fillers.

We have A to Z available. please see notes above, that your order will be exempt from our 16 day turnaround, and it will be sent out towards the end of November, so in plenty of time for Christmas. 

When ordering just select from each drop down menu:

  1. The letter you require
  2. The Chocolate Flavour – you can pick from: Dark (suitable for Dairy Free, please note that we make with milk on site), Milk or White base only,  we will not be able to change these around as it creates too much admin time, which we do not have at this time. Please only order is you accept this.

Each letter ranges from 128g – 298g depending on the letter, as obviously an ‘I’ will have less space to fill than an ‘E’. Please see drawing in gallery for height and width of one of the letters. 

*Please note due to these chocolates being homemade, some discs/bars may have slightly more topping than others within the packs, and due to changes in temperature controls sometimes the chocolate can heat bloom, where it appears to have a white coating appear, these are still fine to eat.

**The pictures here are for illustration only, sprinkle mixes may vary from time to time,  as we try to use up all existing sprinkles towards to close of Christmas. Please note not all the letters will have the same toppers on them, we use up as we make toppers.

*** With this item, it is order at own risk, we cannot guarantee them not snapping in transit.  We do our very best to package securely, but sometimes breakages do happen, and we do not replace or refund for these goods, so please please only order if you accept this term. If they do snap, we suggest heating up one side with a hair dryer slightly and pushing the two pieces back together again.

Best before dates: These come with at least 12 months

Packaging: These will arrive in a food safe packaging inside a gift box as well.


A: £10.50

B: £9.50

C: £9.50

D: £10.50

E: £10.50

F: £9.50

G: £10.50

H: £10.50

I: £7.50

J: £7.50

K: £9.50

L: £8.50

M: £11.50

N: £10.50

O: £9.50

P: £9.50

Q: £10.50

R: £9.50

S: £9.50

T: £9.50

U: £9.50

V: £9.50

W: £11.50

X: £10.50

Y: £9.50

Z: £10.50




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