XX HIDDEN – Chocolate Bites – NEW – 24 mixed box – May 2019


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Please note this item cannot be changed, the chocolates listed below are the ones that come in the plastic trays.  If there are any that you do not like simply share with a friend, as the saying goes Sharing is Caring!

Each tray contains 24 delicious flavours and everyone is inspired by our popular discs or bars past and present that we have sold or still sell on the shop.  The bites range from 11g – 14g,  depending on the topping involved. We have gone for a good mix of our different chocolates as you may be surprised and really like something that you haven’t tried before.

We are offering 3 different ways of buying our chocolate bites.  Please select the drop down menu for the packaging option you require.

OPTION 1: Its really simple, its the chocolates provided in a chocolate truffle style casing tray which will be heat sealed to keep them fresh, please note they do not come in a hard surround box, its the simple option to keep costs reduced for you.  This option will cost you £20.00 plus PP

OPTION 2: Its the plastic truffle type tray, with them heat sealed and inside one of our metal sweet treat tins – these make a fabulous gift or the tins can be reused over and over again for yourself for all your yummy treats. This option will cost you £24.99 plus PP

OPTION 3: Its the plastic truffle type tray, with them heat sealed and inside a hard truffle style outer box – again a great gift idea or of you want to feel like your chocolate bites are indulgent a gift to yourself.  This option will cost you £22.50 plus PP – nearer to seasonal period, ie Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day we will have themed surround boxes available.

The chocolates range from as low as 48 cals up to 62 cals, We have worked to try to get the chocolates to similar calculations to support anyone wishing to track your goodies throughout your treat days/nights. .


Strawberry with chocolate coated beans, banoffee chocolate with caramel centre, Neapolition, Mint choc chip, lemon meringue, cherry and almond, strawberry with jelly lip, triple choc balls, strawberry with red love heart, cookie and cream, orange with chocolate coated beans, raspberry malt ball, white with triple choc balls, Crispie M&Ms, milk/.white brownie and honeycomb, strawberry sprinkles, strawberry dolly mix, malt balls, reeses bits, gunny bear, orange matchmakers, chocolate coated honeycomb, orange curls, mint munchie.



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