Our points scheme

As a thank you to all our customers we started our points loyalty scheme in Jan 2018.

How it works? When you enter our shop, you will be required to set up a user profile to build up points as we need to know how many points you build up each purchase.

How many points do I earn? For each £1 you spend you receive 5 points, and these tally up as you add products to your basket. The points in discount terms are worth the equivalent to a 5% discount, each point is worth 1p in cash value.

When and how do I redeem my points? You earn points from your very first order, but until you have paid for the first order they cannot be redeemed.  Once that first order has been received your points will appear on your user profile for next time and you simply redeem them under the coupon/points box on the checkout/payment page.

What can I use my points on? Anything within the shop, some of our customers like to save them up over a few orders and then spend in one transaction, or each order to keep on top of the points to use them up, the choice is totally up to you.

Why did we start the points scheme? We used to run a few discount codes with a couple of our customer bloggers and this gave customers 10% discount, but we found that only a small percentage of our overall customers/orders had this discount applied, so we wanted to ensure that every customer had the chance to receive a discount and this is when we decided to start the loyalty points scheme. We decided on the 5% as the amount as it would be available all the time and not for limited time periods.

Do you still have additional discount codes? Yes we do, they are seasonal codes, normally for a flash sale 24hr period.  For example we have run them already in 2018 in Feb and March, our next one will be around June time for teacher leaving gifts, then September and November.